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We are one of the largest database educational resource providers for the examination of AQA,AP,CIE,EDEXCEL, EDUQAS, IB, OCR, Oxford Admission ,BMAT,CAT,WJEC etc.. with over 100000+ resource files

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We started our journey from 2013 ,as a educational service providers, we are the one of the largest resource providers with over 10000+ resources pdf, videos, revision materials , topical questions and answers collections.

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Welcome to edupapers.store , where our mission is to empower students with the tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.

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We're dedicated to empowering students on their learning journey. Our mission is to make education engaging, effective, and enjoyable through our comprehensive collection resources.

CEO & Founder

With a keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path, giving assistance and aid to students for attaining meritorious heights. We believe that curiosity is the foundation of learning.

CEO & Founder

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